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BMW’s iDrive Technology Takes Smart Cars to a Whole New Level

BMW’s iDrive Technology Takes Smart Cars to a Whole New Level

You don’t have to be alone during your commute to work when you have the new BMW iDrive technology that will mark twenty years of development.

This new system is made to give you a seamless approach to technology, controls, comfort, and driving that will make your time on the road much more enjoyable than ever before. With natural langue responses and easy adjustments to the systems in your BMW, you’ll feel like your car has a personality and that you’re not alone when you’re the only person in your car.

The New Interface

You’ll see a new design interface an upgraded operating system to give you the controls and features you want to enjoy in this new system. The BMW Operating System 8 is present to give you the strong, eye-catching graphics and modern appearance that you’re sure to love. The display works well with where your field of vision is when you drive, giving you excellent graphic resolution and an easy way to customize the display and system to what you want to see when you’re out on the road. Overall, the appearance is elegant, and the function is futuristic, giving you a system that looks amazing and works perfectly.

Now You Have a Personal Assistant

You don’t have to call it the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant, but that’s what it’s called. You can give this system a name that you want, and you’ll see a facial image on the screen to respond to your desires during your drive. You’ll see the functions you still want to enjoy when the face of this feature appears on your screen, making it easy to remember what you want the assistant to do and what changes you want to be made during your drive.

Your BMW is Going to Greet You

With the BMW iDrive technology installed in your vehicle, you’ll have the benefits of Great Entrance Moments, which is an item that can make it appear the vehicle is celebrating that you’re getting ready to drive. The car comes to life when you’re near, almost as if it was a dog that was looking forward to your arrival home after a day away at work.  You’ll never have to unlock the vehicle; once you’re within a specified distance, this feature will do that for you. All of your personal settings will be enabled so that you can step in and get out on the road right away.

This System Learns Where You Like to Go

Do you have a place you head to regularly that you might want traffic and directions for? This system uses Learning Navigation to predict where you want to go to and provide directions without you needing to input the destination. You’ll also enjoy the fact that the BMW iDrive system helps you with parking and finding charging stations. This is important since the first vehicle that will have the latest version of this system will be the BMW iX.

Your Key is Amazing

The latest BMW Digital Key Plus uses Ultra-Wideband technology to communicate with the vehicle you drive. This key is part of the package you find with the tech you want. The key helps to signal the distance from the vehicle and give you the welcome, easy entry, and driving you’re looking for. If you don’t want to carry the advanced key in your pocket, you can use your smartphone and have the key you need right on the device you’re going to take with you wherever you need to go. Program your phone or enjoy the use of the BMW Digital Key Plus.

Your User Profile Provides the Comfort You Desire

Do you want to adjust the temperatures and settings when you drive? Of course you don’t; you want to get in and know your vehicle is comfortable and ready for you to drive. The BMW iDrive system will ensure this happens for you. All of your temperature settings and comfort functions are stored in your own BMW ID profile. This means the seat, steering wheel, and temperatures are all stored to put you right where you want to be when it’s time to head out for a drive.

Use the My Modes Feature to Experience Something Amazing

One of the goals BMW had for developing this new version of the technology package we love is to create unique moments for the driver and passengers. This is called My Modes, and it gives you an experience that will hit your senses in a way that you’ve never experienced before. Whether you’re looking for a sporty and fun drive, a quiet ride in the country, or a relaxing ride home from work, the My Modes feature can simply make it better for you.

More Personal Settings Will Be Added Later

The BMW iDrive system will give you the benefits of the BMW ID feature, which is where your personal settings are stored. With new updates that will come later, we should see the settings, profiles, and information we want to experience when we step in and get ready for a drive. You can create your profile and build your settings in the My BMW App, which is made to connect with your vehicle and give you everything you’re looking for when it’s time to drive. Get ready for the most integrated driving experience you’ve ever found.

Find this New System in the BMW iX

The latest BMW iDrive system is part of one of the newest vehicles in the BMW lineup, the iX. This electric SUV can be right for you to drive, and it makes you smile when you’re using the technology offered for you to have the integrated system you want when you’re out on the road. The system will receive over-the-air updates as they become available for you. You’ll want to explore every update and a new feature to see how it can benefit you when you’re ready to take a drive and feel like you’ve got a friend along with you, even when you’re the only person in the vehicle.

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