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The Mazda CX-50 is Finally Being Built

The Mazda CX-50 is Finally Being Built

While we shouldn’t be in a rush for the Mazda CX-50 to arrive, it’s nice to know that it’s being built at the Huntsville, Alabama plant.

This new Mazda crossover is part of the 2023 model year, but it will arrive soon at dealerships, giving it a head start on many of the other models for the upcoming model year. Now that we know the CX-50 is being built, it’s time to discuss what it will bring and how it will fit into the lineup.

Where Will the CX-50 Fit In?

As you can probably guess, this new Mazda is about the same size as the venerable CX-5 that we love so much. The biggest difference is the width of the CX-50. With a slightly wider body, the rear seat area is roomier than in the CX-5, giving your passengers more space to enjoy the drive. Additionally, the CX-50 will share a unibody platform with the CX-30. This platform is made to give the new models standard AWD on every trim, which can make a huge difference in your drive. Does this sound like a new SUV you’ll want to drive?

Expect Some Off-Road Capabilities

The new Mazda CX-50 is expected to spend some time on dirt trails and in rugged terrain. With this thought in mind, this SUV has been designed with black wheel arch cladding, 18-inch all-terrain tires, a roof rack, and the standard AWD system. To further impress upon you that this Mazda can head out on the trails, it’s being offered in a new color which is Zircon Sand. Set the drive system to the Off-Road mode and let this SUV take you wherever you want to go. The only drawback to off-roading in this SUV is the lack of underbody skid plates, which means you’ll have to be aware of your clearance over obstacles in your path.

Premium Interior Qualities in the CX-50

Whenever you see the Mazda name, you expect to find an upscale, premium interior filled with excellent materials and advanced electronics. The new CX-50 is not an exception to this; it packs the items you’re looking for. Admire the two-row/five-seat configuration that’s adorned in premium cloth at the base trim and quality leather at the higher trims. You’ll find plenty of legroom for everyone to enjoy the drive and the wider build allows for more cargo room when compared to the CX-5.

Styled Right for Your Drive

Check out the sleek silhouette of the Mazda CX-50. You’ll love that it offers a long hood, amazing curves, and sculpted body panels for your visual appreciation. The overall feeling you’ll get from this exterior style is an SUV that is elegant and sophisticated while being rugged and capable. This SUV is ready to take on every drive you can bring to it. That could simply mean a drive to the store for some small items, or it might be the weekend adventure you’ve been planning in your favorite state or national park.

Expected Features Offered

We don’t have a complete list of the features that will be part of the mix for this new SUV, but we do have some idea of what it will bring when you see it at the dealership. You should expect to find push-button starting, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, LED exterior lights, USB ports, a large infotainment screen, automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control with stop/go functionality, lane-departure warning, and lane-keeping assistance. Of course, once we see more of what this SUV has to offer, we will have a complete list of the impressive qualities you’ll find for your drive.

The Drive System is Impressive

The Mazda CX-50 will benefit from the drive system that has been developed in-house to give this SUV the chops to compete with some of the other small off-road crossovers. The i-Active AWD system is an advanced system that can predict when wheelspin will occur and send power to the wheels that need it so that other wheels will regain the grip needed to keep on driving.

Another aspect of the drive system that you’ll admire is the MI-Drive. This is the Intelligent Drive Select system of the CX-50. The three driving modes, Normal, Sport, and Off-Road allow this SUV to give you the driving experience you’re looking for. Sport model gives you the throttle and shifting responses you want when you’re looking for a bit more fun from behind the wheels.

When you think about what the CX-50 has to offer, you can easily have fun on and off the roads in this compact crossover. That is truly something unique for a vehicle in this class.

Plenty of Power for YourDriving Pleasure

There will be two powertrains found under the hood of the Mazda CX-50 when it arrives. The base powertrain is brought from the CX-5, and it’s a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine mated to a six-speed automatic transmission. You’ll enjoy 187 horsepower and 186 lb.-ft. of torque with this powertrain, with fuel mileage that reaches 24 city/30 hwy mpg.

Move to the more powerful version, and you add a turbocharger to the mix. This simple addition bumps the power level to 227 horsepower and 310 lb.-ft. of torque If you want even more power, use 93 octane fuel, and enjoy the power of 250 ponies galloping under the hood. Fuel mileage for the upscale powertrain comes in at 22 city/27 hwy mpg.

Will You Drive this New Mazda?

If you were already considering the CX-5, you might be inclined to wait a bit longer and take home one of the new Mazda CX-50 crossovers when they arrive. While the CX-5 has been an impressive vehicle for this brand, it’s easy to see the added spaciousness, additional powertrain, standard AWD, and off-road capabilities of the CX-50 just might tip the scales in its favor for you.

Suppose you’re still not sure which model to choose, head over to your local Mazda dealer and start asking some questions. The answers you receive will put you behind the wheel of the right Mazda SUV.

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