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Cadillac Aims to be All-Electric by 2030

Cadillac Aims to be All-Electric by 2030

A new all-electric lineup starts with the 2023 Cadillac Lyriq, which goes on sale soon. Last year was tough but not for Cadillac.

They also reduced their dealership network with buyouts of many dealers. The goal and desire are to have a smaller network to sell an all-electric lineup. By 2030, Cadillac will be another of the luxury brands that offer nothing but EV models for us to drive. The expected luxury qualities we enjoy from this brand continue to present themselves in the Lyriq and future electric models.

Orders Begin in May

The order books for the new Lyriq were open in 2021 but had to close due to the shortage of semiconductor chips. Now, this electric SUV is entering production and the order books will open again in May, giving us a great way to buy this SUV. We don’t know when deliveries will start, but with the orders open, you could see your new electric luxury SUV as early as June or July. There’s already a backlog of existing orders to work through, which Cadillac needs to fill before moving to these new orders.

What is the New Cadillac Lyriq?

The Lyriq is the first all-electric SUV from this brand, offering sharp styling and a modern cabin. We will see both a single-motor model RWD version and a dual-motor AWD Lyriq that gives us the power to all four wheels. This SUV should have a driving range of greater than 300 miles and it will ride on the new scalable battery architecture developed by General Motors. The Lyriq should have a low center of gravity and spacious cabin thanks to the new EV platform used for this impressive new luxury SUV.

Can the Lyriq Compete?

Which electric SUVs compete in the same class as the new Lyriq? This Cadillac EV is entering a class where we see the Audi e-tron, Jaguar I-Pace, and Tesla Model X. These three already have a strong foundation and following in the market, but at least one more model isn’t hurting anything at all. We could see the new EV Caddy take on these heavy hitters and capture some of the following, but it will need to put on a strong showing for that to happen. Is this new electric Cadillac ready to participate in this vehicle class?

This Cadillac Is Fast

We know electric cars can be fast and accelerate much better than those with gasoline engines. Without going into the sizes of the battery pack or the motors, we know this SUV could have 340 horsepower from the RWD model. This gives the Cadillac Lyriq enough power to hit sixty mph in only 4.3 seconds. That is an impressive level of performance. The AWD version, which has two motors, could be quicker and certainly will be more powerful than the RWD model. This puts the Lyriq in a spot where it could be the fastest luxury SUV.

A Spacious Cabin for Five

The concept model of this Cadillac SUV showed only four seats with center consoles separating both pairs of passengers. The production model gives us a more traditional five-seat configuration to offer a comfortable ride and space for one more passenger. Rear passengers could have a touchscreen for connectivity during the drive. The electric platform allows for a more airy cabin and comfort while adding more advanced noise cancelation and technology. This reduces the amount of road noise that comes into the cabin, and as expected, there will be an impressive level of luxury qualities inside this new electric SUV.

Technology Shows Up Strong in the Dashboard

The Cadillac Lyriq should have a 33-inch curved advanced LED display as the infotainment system and gauge display for the driver. This system offers the connectivity of Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Wi-Fi to make sure you have the connection you’re looking for during your drive. These standard features are impressive, as is the audio system. You should see a 19-speaker AKG premium audio system that gives you the sounds you want when you’re out on the road. The new Lyriq is ready to launch the all-electric vehicle lineup for Cadillac, giving us our first glimpse of what luxury EV driving will be from this brand.

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