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The Story of How Mazda Got Its Name

The Story of How Mazda Got Its Name

Do you ever wonder where car companies get their names? Today, we look at how Mazda got its name and became the car company we know today.

Today, this company offers us premium quality vehicles in the mainstream market to ensure we enjoy some exciting driving performance and quality craftsmanship. The SkyActiv engine technology that’s part of this brand leads us to get more power and fun from the vehicles that wear the badge. But still, how did this car company start, and where did the name come from.

The First Name was Toyo Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Like so many others, this company began by building something other than cars. The company first was a cork manufacturer started in 1920. Eventually, the company launched into a vehicle company by creating a powered tricycle truck made to deliver products. This first vehicle was called the Mazda-go. The name was approved by Jujiro Matsuda, the second president of the company and an integral founder of the Toyo Kogyo name. You might think the brand and the first vehicle got their name from Matsuda, but that’s not the case.

Where Did the Name Come From?

While Mazda-go sounds like an easy transition from Matsuda to the brand name, that’s not where it came from. The name comes from Ahura Mazda, the god of harmony, intelligence, and wisdom from the earliest West Asian civilization. This god symbolized the beginning of the East and West to company members. The Mazda-go trike truck came to be in 1931, the start of a company that would eventually become the brand that we know today, giving us a brand new entry into product delivery and transportation.

Eventually, Toyo Kogyo was renamed Mazda Motor Corporation, which serves two purposes. The name shows a way for the company to strive toward world peace and is a great way to respect the founder, who carried a family name that is very close to the company name.

What Does This Brand Offer Today?

The lineup of vehicles from the century-old company includes one sedan, a sports car, and several SUVs. These vehicles are:

  • Mazda3 – small car offered as a hatchback and sedan
  • MX-5 Miata – sports car, often thought of as the poster child of fun
  • CX-30 – subcompact crossover SUV
  • CX-5 – compact crossover SUV
  • CX-9 – midsize three-row crossover SUV


The Mazda3 is a compact car that practically delivers a lot of fun. As the most affordable vehicle from this brand, you can certainly enjoy a quality ride and the fun performance offered by the powertrain in this impressive little car. No other vehicle in this category has the style, poise, quality, refinement, and driver engagement that comes with this small car.

If you choose to drive this compact car, you have the option of AWD to send power to all four wheels to have control on every road. The 2.5-liter turbocharged engine brings you plenty of power for the experience you’re looking for when you get behind the wheel. If you want an awe-inspiring ride, this is the car you’ll want to enjoy.

MX-5 Miata

Since it first arrived in 1989, the Miata has been the Mazda built for fun and performance on any road. This compact two-seat convertible roadster shows you a good time and brings the quality experience you’re looking for when you drive. The Miata blends poise and power to deliver the speed and active drive you want when you’re behind the wheel.

If you want an enjoyable car to drive, you can’t find any roadster or car more fun than the Miata. Chose the Club trim, and you’ll find a set of Bilstein shocks, limited-slip differential, and front strut tower brace that offers you the highest level of front-end rigidity. The six-speed manual transmission makes this roadster a lot of fun, making it one of the most dynamic vehicles on the market. Step inside this little car and let it take you wherever you want to go.


The CX-3 enters the market as a replacement for the subcompact CX-3 no longer offered. This crossover SUV has good room for adults in the front seats and delivers refinement, quality, and composure on the road. This entry-level model gives you an affordable price and the items you need when you take a ride. The ergonomics of the CX-30 make it easy for you to enjoy an incredible drive, and the dynamics of the ride are pure Mazda. You’ll be pleased with the fun, movement, and quality offered in this SUV that will take you out on the road for your adventures.


Moving up to one of the most dynamic and impressive compact crossover SUVs in the market, you’ll look at the CX-5. This compact crossover brings you style, roominess, quality, and fun. Among the models from this brand, the CX-5 is the most popular choice. The CX-5 delivers an uptown feeling that reaches the premium class of SUVs. You’ll also find an impressive turbocharged engine that delivers up to 310 lb-ft of torque at only 2,000 rpm, which means you’ve got a lot of acceleration off the line when you hit the gas pedal.


The Mazda CX-9 is different from nearly every other mainstream midsize three-row crossover. This SUV offers you room for people across three rows of seats while giving you the fun and active driving you expect with this brand. Check out how the CX-9 brings a fantastic drive to the road where you can experience everything it offers. The Touring Premium Package gives you a set of captain’s chairs in the second row while adding parking sensors. You’ll love the torquey turbocharged engine offered in this SUV, which delivers the performance you want when you take it for a ride.

The century-old Mazda name offers a lineup of performance-oriented vehicles that work great for any drive. Will you drive one of the models from this unique car brand?

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