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Incredible Vehicles That Seamlessly Transform into Campers on a Dime

Owning a camper is a luxury that not everyone can afford. Thankfully, there are cheaper options that make vehicle camping a realistic possibility. If you have an off-road capable SUV or truck, there are camper attachments you can get to easily turn your vehicle into a recreational dream.

If you’re on a budget, check out this list of vehicles and overland accessories that can easily become an affordable camper for all your future adventures.

Jeep Gladiator and RoverKingCapra

Jeep Gladiator and RoverKingCapra

Boasting a 1,700-pound payload, the Jeep Gladiator is a perfect vehicle for off-road camping. Even better when you find a used jeep to add a camper set up to. Oftentimes, however, outdoor enthusiasts run into weight issues converting a small to midsize truck into a camper.

Thankfully, RoverKing has slashed its weight on the Capra to only around 650 pounds with sleeping for four people. Adding this camper conversion to a Jeep Gladiator leaves plenty of weight for you to pack all your gear and food without worry.

The Capra starts at $15,400.

Toyota Tacoma and AT Overland Habitat

Toyota Tacoma and AT Overland Habitat

The Toyota Tacoma is well-known for its ruggedness while still being affordable. When you combine this truck with AT Overland’s Habitat for the Tacoma, you have an economical conversion. This product is an attempt to find the middle between a truck topper and a full pickup camper.

This camper starts at only $8,600

Chevy Colorado and Hower Overland Base-2

Chevy Colorado and Hower Overland Base

Chevy’s small truck, the Colorado, is a perfect option to convert into a camper. Adding a Hower Overland Base Camp to the truck creates one of the best camper conversions available. The first thing you’ll notice when you see the Base Camp is how tall it is. With over six feet of height and a mostly open base, you will have plenty of space to store everything you need for your adventure.

The attractive price is affordable, starting at only $13,000.

Ford Ranger and camper

Ford Ranger and Four Wheel Fleet Model

The Ford Ranger has long been a tried and true truck. This rugged vehicle combines the ease of driving something smaller with the power and durability of a truck. Adding the Four Wheel Fleet Model is an excellent option to turn your Ranger into a comfortable and well-stocked camper. While this option is a bit pricier, you get what you pay for in features.

The starting price for the Fleet Model is $25,625.

Dodge Ram and go fast camper

Dodge Ram and Go Fast Platform Camper

For a true outdoor enthusiast, the Platform Camper from Go Fast is all you need. This highly evolved camper manages to stick to its recreational roots. With a simple design that is a breeze to set up but still comfortably fits two sleepers, you will be enjoying the great outdoors in no time.

The Platform camper starts at $7,700.

Finding an affordable camper conversion for your truck is no easy task. These ideas can get you started and out in nature soon!


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