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Versatile Mid-Size: Best Years for Used Chevrolet Traverse

The Chevrolet Traverse hit the market in 2009 as a mid-size SUV versatile enough to go off-road or take off on long-range highway excursions. That versatility has made a used Chevrolet Traverse a great used car value. Here are a few of the most memorable editions.

2013: A New Beginning

The Chevrolet Traverse was redesigned in 2013, which upgraded an already popular SUV. In addition to its responsive steering and rugged build, Chevrolet Traverse provided more cargo space and legroom for people who insist on a comfortable and convenient vehicle.
It also came with an array of trims that made it possible to pick and choose a Traverse custom made for individual needs and tastes. The 2013 model also made it easier to get an SUV with more horsepower and features that ensured a safe ride.

2016: Recognized for Excellence

The Chevrolet Traverse was officially recognized for its performance in 2016 as Best Car for the Money. It earned special notice for its expansive interior roominess (with space for eight people) and plenty of cargo space to go along with convenient features. Comfort was enhanced with an eight-way driver seat and new leather upholstery throughout.
The Chevrolet Traverse has always been a leader in the safety category. Chevrolet added features like side blind-zone alert and rear cross-traffic warnings. 2016 was the year Chevrolet Traverse got a more powerful engine as well as a transmission better equipped to get you through the twists and turns smoothly.

2020: Tech Upgrades

Remote start and keyless entry became part of the Chevrolet Traverse tech package in 2020, a year that Chevrolet kicked things up a notch technology-wise. Interior space was expanded again, giving buyers one of the most comfortable SUVs on the market.

This three-row mid-size SUV gave consumers extra storage space and niches specially made for storing smartphones, cords, keys, and more. Hidden storage space in front and back gave Chevrolet Traverse fans unprecedented storage for a mid-size SUV.

2018: More Trims for More Needs

2018 was a highlight year for the Chevrolet Traverse thanks to the addition of new trim levels, which expanded from four to eight, giving used car buyers a well-rounded array of options. New, more supple upholstery lent a more up-to-date look and feel to an SUV with a reputation for comfort and storage.

Higher-level trims were added, including the High Country, which brought all-wheel drive into the Chevrolet Traverse mix. By the time second-generation upgrades hit the market in 2018, problems with first-generation versions had been dealt with, so Chevrolet was able to focus on rounding out the Traverse with improvements that met new-era design challenges.


The Chevrolet Traverse has always been a visually striking vehicle, a big powerful machine capable of navigating rough terrain or getting you cross town quickly and comfortably after a long day at the office. It’s a refined SUV that Chevrolet improved and enhanced year after year until it became a best-selling, award-winning vehicle.

It is generally accepted that second-generation Chevrolet Traverses (beginning with the 2018 model) are the best overall value. Continuous improvement and upgrades aimed at keeping pace with the competition have made the used Chevrolet Traverse an iconic vehicle and a great value for SUV lovers.

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