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70th-Anniversary Stingray Corvette

70th-Anniversary Stingray Corvette

Seven Decades Of Power Are Meant to Be Celebrated

Bring out the birthday cake and candles. If you’re the proud owner of a Corvette Stingray, it’s time to celebrate its 70th birthday. Visit your local Chevrolet dealer to see how you can order your very own 70th-anniversary Stingray Corvette.

How the Stingray Grew To Be an American Classic

The first model of the Corvette Stingray went on sale in 1953. The first model featured a classic convertible style and an inline 6-cylinder engine that put out a respectable 150 horsepower. The introduction of the Corvette was a direct response to European sports vehicles and their rising popularity. While it was slow to find its footing in the US market, the Corvette began to grow in popularity as well in U.S. markets. That is only after it was outfitted with a V8 engine, fuel injection, and a 4-speed transmission. Seven years after it was introduced, the Corvette Stingray saw its 10,000th sale and began to catch the eye of car enthusiasts throughout the nation.

The automaker introduced the second generation Stingray in 1963. These models were offered in the coupe body style and helped shape the third-generation models that would quickly become the best-selling version. Between the second-generation models and today’s model, the body style has morphed a bit, but that sleek, aggressive, and surreptitious body style catapulted the stingray to become a national symbol and power, comfort, and performance.

The stingray would go on to hit many milestones including its one millionth Corvette sale in 1992.

Explore the 70th Anniversary Special Edition Package

Chevrolet is celebrating its 70th anniversary of the Stingray but offering an optional special edition 2023 model. This bundle will come equipped with commemorative badges and wheel center caps. The wheels will also be unique this year complete with red brake calipers, and matching red seat belts. Inside the cabin, the automaker is outfitting the Stingray with anniversary logos and a complete set of commemorative matched luggage.

70th-Anniversary Special Edition Package Limited to Select Models

If you’re a die-hard Corvette enthusiast and are ready to opt for the 70th-anniversary special edition package, you’ll be limited to specific models. This package will only be offered on the Corvette Stingray 3LT, the top-of-the-line trim.

But just how much will this special edition package run you? The 3LT has a starting price of $83,840. Plus you’ll have to add on the $5,995 special edition package. This rather steep price point applies to coupe models of the 3LT. If you bump up to the convertible, arguably the best way to drive a stingray, you’ll be looking at an additional $7,000.

The highly anticipated Corvette Z06 will also allow you the option of the 70th-anniversary special edition package. Unlike the traditional Stingray, the Z06 offers superb power making it one of the highest-performing sports cars available in U.S. markets. The Z06 offers the beauty and feel of a Stingray powered by Ferrari standard engines. It doesn’t get more powerful, luxurious, or simply eye-catching than a Corvette Z06.

Want to learn more About how Chevy is commemorating one of its best-selling vehicles? Visit your local Chevrolet dealer to learn more about the 70th-Anniversary Stingray Corvette.

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