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Diamond Back Tires Is Looking to Bring Back Retro Style Tires

Diamond Back Tires Is Looking to Bring Back Retro Style Tires

A new set of Diamond Back Tires can give your retro car the finished look you’re after. This company now makes tires that bring the old style forward.

One of the most highly recognizable features of classic cars was the tires. The look of a set of beautiful whitewall tires went out of style a few decades ago, but if you’re rebuilding a classic roadster or hot road, it might be a good idea to order a set of whitewalls from this company to give your vintage car the desired stylish appearance.

Summit Racing Equipment Backs These Tires

The offers of various products go flying to different companies, and sometimes it’s fun to think of what it means when one company offers to sell a new product. Summit Racing Equipment is well-known for items that many race drivers want in their cars. Most recently, Summit also backed these new tires that offer a retro design and the style desired. If you’re only missing the throwback look of the tires for your old sports car, ordering four of these could make a huge difference to the overall appearance of your ride.

Where did This Company Come From?

Before you order a set of Diamond Back Tires, you might want to know a little more about this company. The name is formerly Diamon Back Classics, which is a tire retreading company, but now they offer several sizes of a few different types of tires. Currently, the product line for this company is up to 24 models ranging from 13 to 22 inches in size. This means you should find a set of these tires to put on your ride, even if you don’t have a vintage vehicle to drive and enjoy.

Check Out Those Massive Whitewalls

Some of us grew up at a time when the whitewall of tires was nothing more than a small white stripe around a black tire. The traditional whitewalls of earlier decades gave us tires with the entire sidewall finished in white. These new tires from this company are a throwback to those earlier traditions, making it easy to admire the vintage look of these new tires. If you’ve got a car from some of the earlier decades, these tires could be ideal for you to enjoy the look and the drive offered out on the road or track.

A Simple Design Could be Great for Early Cars

Diamond Back Tires makes the Auburn Deluxe tires which offer a massive whitewall finish and a pie-crust edge that was mostly found on cars from the 1940s and 1950s. This tire comes in either 15 or 16-inch sizes and is offered as either a whitewall or blackwall. Is this the look you’re going for with your vehicle? If so, you’ll want to get these tires ordered and let your old hotrod enjoy a finished look that gives you the complete style that will show off your vintage ride wherever you go.

Go Premium for a Slightly Forward Appearance

The Auburn Premium tires offer the style you admire from the 1960s and 1970s, making it easy for you to see and enjoy the style that came on your sports car or a muscle car from this era. Although the 1970s was a time of difficulty in the car world, the tires still gave us incredible style for the desired look. The Auburn Premium tires are made of bias-ply rubber and offered in either whitewall or blackwall with a redline, goldline, or blueline stripe to give you the look you want. This tire offers tread that was popular during the time.

The Nexen Could be the Ideal Tire for You

Wheels offered on cars from earlier decades were typically smaller in diameter than what we see today. Diamond Back Tires offers the Nexen Tire in both 14 and 15-inch sizes with the red, gold, or blue stripe going around the whitewall as desired. These tires might seem small, but the S speed rating means it’s a 75 series tire, but you can enjoy this tire with a T speed rating for other sizes. This is one of the most affordable vintage ties in the market, giving you a great way to have the desired appearance with the right tires for your vintage ride.

A Tire that Reminds You of a Popular Model

The Uniroyal Tiger Paw tires were non-directional and appealed to the masses. This was one of the most popular tires for many decades, and now this tire company is bringing back the look and tread of these vintage beauties. The Touring Rubber models offered comes in sizes from 15 to 20 inches in size and come with either a whitewall or blackwall look with the same colored stripe options as other tire models from this company.

Do You Have Massive Wheels? Try These Low-Profile Tires

You’ll find a large selection of low-profile tires from Diamond Back Tires that give you the look of thin rubber with a vintage appeal, making it easy to enjoy the style you want. These tires have a Y speed rating and come in sizes from 17 to 20 inches in diameter. The whitewall is thinner on these tires because the tires themselves are much thinner. If you want to show off large disc wheels or a set of modern wheels, these tires offer you the look and style that others will admire.

Are You Looking for Another Vintage Tire Style?

When you want a set of tires that looks like it came with your old sports car to the modern era, you’ll want to see some of the many styles and sizes offered by Diamond Back Tires. This company brings you 12 different styles to choose from in various sizes to ensure you can have the look you want. If you haven’t found the look and feel you want with other tire companies, this new company could be where you find the rubber that hits the road perfectly for your vintage sports car or hot rod.

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