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Top 5 SUVs for Tons of Space

If you are a family that is in need of storage space when you are on the road, these are 5 SUVs you’ll want to check out. From the all-new Ford Explorer to the well-loved Honda Pilot, these are SUVs that were made for you and all your gear.

SUVs for Daily Driving and Extra-Curricular Adventures

Finding the right SUV requires understanding what your everyday needs are and balancing that with your family’s favorite weekend and vacation activities. You don’t want to overpay for space you rarely use, but you’ll want to be sure you have room to accommodate family members of all sizes and all your gear. Which of these five SUVs offers the right combination of passenger and cargo room you need?

Ford Explorer

All new models of the Ford Explorer are some of the most spacious around. Base models can comfortably accommodate 10 passengers, and as you bump up the trim, the second row is swapped out for captain chairs. Still, you can enjoy plenty of legroom and a spacious back row for your younger passengers.


When you’re toting around your gear, you can enjoy a standard cargo hold measuring 18.2 cubic feet. Folding down both seats gives you a total of 87.8 cubic feet of storage. However, many families that don’t need that back row simply keep it folded for the everyday gear they need to haul around.

Toyota Highlander

There’s a reason why the Toyota Highlander is one of the most family-friendly vehicles around. It’s one of the most spacious in its class, with plenty of room for all your passengers and gear. The interior was designed with practicality in mind. The second row offers ample legroom with an impressive 41 inches. While things get a little tight in the third row, there’s still plenty of space for young and adult passengers alike.


The Highlander touts 16 cubic feet behind the third row, and once you fold down the third row, you’ll go beyond double the space with 48.4 cubic feet.

Kia Telluride

The Kia Telluride is quickly becoming one of the most popular storage-friendly vehicles in its class. With ample room inside and an upscale, intuitively designed interior, there’s plenty that the Telluride has to offer. Passengers in the second row can enjoy 42.4 inches of legroom, and while that slightly decreases in the third row, the 31.4 inches of legroom is still comfy enough for your younger passengers.



The cargo hold behind the third row is quite larger than others in its class at 21 cubic feet. Once the third row is folded down, that cargo hold expands to 46 cubic feet.

Chevrolet Traverse

It’s undoubtedly a spacious ride when you’re traveling in the latest models of the Chevy Traverse. Despite its semi-sleek body style, the interior is surprisingly spacious, with plenty of room for passengers and all your cargo. A sleek and modern interior gives way to plenty of nifty storage compartments for you and your passengers.


The cargo hold offers an impressive 23 cubic feet, and when you fold down the third row, you get a massive 57.8 cubic feet of space. If you’re toting around bulky furniture, folding down both rows gives you a maximum capacity of 98.2 cubic feet, plenty of space for whatever life’s got in store.

Honda Pilot

Don’t let its bulky and geometric exterior fool you. The Honda Pilot is one of the most popular vehicles for families who are always on the go. The Pilot boasts three-row seating with plenty of legroom and headroom for all your passengers.


Cargo space behind the third row is a respectable 18.5 cubic feet. However, once you fold that third row down, you’ll have plenty of
room to store away your gear. 60/40 split seating allows you to also configure how you want to set up your storage needs. Finally, throughout the cabin, additional storage compartments for all rows offer you even more versatility.

Enjoy More Room for Your Adventures With These Spacious SUVs

Whether you’re hauling around your team’s starting lineup or your bucket list requires a lot of gear, these five SUVs deliver the perfect combination of elbow room and cargo stowage.

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