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SCAG Power Equipment Named Official Partner of NHRA

SCAG Power Equipment Named Official Partner of NHRA

For those searching for “SCAG dealers near me,” some exciting news: SCAG Power Equipment recently signed a multi-year deal to become the Official Outdoor Power Equipment Provider of the NHRA drag racing series.

Beginning with the 2023 season, SCAG aims to enhance the experience for fans and customers at NHRA’s 21 annual Camping World Drag Racing Series events.

An Ideal Partnership

SCAG joined NHRA last season as a partner for top teams like JCM Racing, owned by Cathi and Joe Maynard. SCAG has expanded its role to provide equipment for all NHRA tracks and the NHRA Safety Safari. SCAG products power the work at NHRA events, and SCAG displays and promotions will feature prominently at each national event.

Given SCAG’s target customers and NHRA’s fan base, this partnership makes sense. SCAG sells commercial and residential mowers, and NHRA’s events draw outdoor power equipment users and enthusiasts. In 2023, SCAG and NHRA will host SCAG Mower Drag Races, where fans can win SCAG gear.

Support for Top NHRA Teams

In addition to becoming NHRA’s Official Outdoor Power Equipment Provider, SCAG backs some of the series’ most popular drivers. SCAG is a primary sponsor for eight-time Top Fuel champion Tony Schumacher and his JCM Racing team. SCAG also sponsors reigning five-time Pro Stock champion Erica Enders and Funny Car fan favorite Tim Wilkerson.

A Commitment to Customer Experience

The NHRA partnership enhances SCAG’s customer experience, a key goal for the company. At NHRA events, SCAG offers VIP treatment for distributors and customers with pit access, meet-and-greets, and more.

SCAG President and CEO Randy Gloede said NHRA is an ideal partner because of this customer experience potential. With its NHRA involvement in 2022, SCAG gained valuable insight into using national events for customer engagement. Gloede said SCAG looks forward to building on this approach as the Official Outdoor Power Equipment Provider in 2023 and beyond.

SCAG Vice President of Sales Dennis Opalacz echoed this sentiment, saying the NHRA partnership has already benefitted the SCAG brand and provided once-in-a-lifetime experiences for distributors and customers. Opalacz said SCAG eagerly anticipates more of these opportunities at NHRA events as the series’ Official Outdoor Power Equipment Provider.

About SCAG Power Equipment

Founded in 1983, SCAG Power Equipment is one of the largest independent power equipment manufacturers, offering over 50 commercial and residential mower models. Along with mowers, SCAG produces residential debris management equipment. For details on SCAG products or to find “SCAG dealers near me,” visit

With this new partnership, NHRA and SCAG Power Equipment aim to strengthen their brands and enhance the experience for dedicated fans and customers in 2023 and beyond. For an exciting VIP weekend watching NHRA drag racing, search for “SCAG dealers near me” for their promotions tied to the series’ national events. This is one partnership everyone wants to keep their eyes on.

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