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2024 Buick Envista: Buick Created a Coupe-Style Crossover SUV

2024 Buick Envista: Buick Created a Coupe-Style Crossover SUV

The coupe-style of luxury SUVs has finally come down the market to the premium Buick brand. The new 2024 Buick Envista offers an inviting sporty style, but does it give you more?

When the Envista enters the market this summer, it will be the most affordable Buick you can buy. The new Buick crossover undercuts the current Encore GX by nearly $3,400, making it a more affordable choice when you want something a bit more stylish than the upright Encore GX. Does this new Buick SUV have anything else going for it?

The style is undeniable

This new Buick SUV offers an incredible look that makes it much more stylish than the current lineup. The Envista appears to be elongated because it is. The wheelbase measures 106.3 inches, and the overall length comes in at 182.6 inches. This means the Envista bests the Encore GX by 4.1 inches between the wheels and by 11.2 inches in overall length. This added space translates to a roomier crossover, which can be a lot more comfortable for you and your passengers during your time on the road.

Strangely, the larger footprint doesn’t translate to more cargo room. Most of this trouble is due to the fastback rear end that slopes down from the C-pillar to the bumper in a nearly trunk-like manner. The cargo area only measures 20.7 cubic feet behind the rear seats. This is 2.8 cubes less than the Encore GX. The difference is even greater when the rear seats are folded down. In this configuration, the new Buick Envista offers 42 cubic feet of cargo room, 8.2 cubes less than the Encore GX.

Does the sporty style translate into more power and speed?

Let’s see; the Envista receives power from a 1.2-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine attached to a six-speed automatic transmission. This powertrain returns 136 horsepower and 162 lb-to of torque to the front wheels. This SUV doesn’t come in an AWD version.

When compared to the Encore GX, we see a 155-horsepower engine, a nine-speed automatic transmission, and the option of AWD. We’re pretty confident in saying the Buick Envista will not sprint to 60 mph faster than the Encore GX, which hits the mark in 9.3 seconds. Neither of these compact Buick crossovers is breaking any speed records.

How many trims are available for the Envista?

This new Buick crossover is offered in three different trim levels. These are Preferred, Sport Touring, and Avenir. The top, Avenir trim, costs $29,695, but it has 19-inch wheels and a Watt’s-link rear suspension. The Sport Touring model gives you an upgraded rear end and a set of 18-inch wheels, while the base Preferred model rides on a set of 17-inch wheels.

Regardless of the trim, you’ll enjoy the views offered by the 8.0-inch digital gauge cluster, 11.0-inch infotainment screen, and the safety of automatic high-beam headlights, automatic emergency braking, lane-keeping assist, and lane-departure warning.

Why are we getting this new Buick SUV?

It’s no secret that Buick is working on several new electric vehicles for the future. It makes us wonder why this new, small, underpowered SUV even shows up at the party. The new Envista is the mechanical cousin to the new 2024 Chevy Trax, which might be why we get this new SUV. This model was already in development to bring a coupe-like SUV to the Buick name, but it sure seems like Buick missed a few things with this new model. The Envista is the final Buick SUV that doesn’t use an electric powertrain, but maybe it would have benefited from one.

The affordability and style are undeniable

The new 2024 Buick Envista Preferred starts at only $23,495, which makes it extremely attractive. Even the top trim stays under $30,000, which is something we don’t see much of in today’s market. Most automakers have discontinued small cars and SUVs, but not GM.

If you’re looking for style and aren’t concerned with power and cargo space, but simply how good the vehicle looks, the Envista could be exactly what you want to drive. This small coupe-like SUV is stylish, it has Buick qualities, and it should be pretty comfortable. Still, the underpowered nature of the powertrain is bothersome in an SUV that could have so much more to offer us. Will you drive this new Buick SUV or give it a side-eye glance because you know it could have been a lot better? Either way, you’ll want to head to your local Buick dealer to take whichever action strikes your fancy.

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