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A Look Back at the Coolest “Pimp My Ride” Cars

A Look Back at the Coolest "Pimp My Ride" Cars

For six seasons, Xzibit entertained us with “Pimp My Ride” and some cool cars that were tricked out and equipped with some amazing creations.

One of the most popular automotive restoration car shows, before streaming services became ultra-popular, was Pimp My Ride. This show created a unique buzz in the automotive restoration world, showing what was possible and how other top customization shops could work toward becoming television hits that would air for years.

Although Pimp My Ride hasn’t been on the air for a long time, we love taking a look back at some of the cool cars created on this show.

1955 Chevy Bel Air

The 1955 Chevy Bel Air is a real classic and a car that signals nostalgia and hints at an amazing era in the car world. The exterior o this car was painted to offer a wonderful new look without changing the classic lines and curves. The interior was a different story with new seats, a DVD player, and a motorized closet to give the interior and over-the-top feeling. The color scheme used a lot of white and pink, which gave this car a great look and classic style.

A Nissan Maxima With Butterfly Doors

Seth Martino was a member of the Pimp My Ride crew, and a special way to help him out was to turn his boring Nissan Maxima into a pimped-out ride. This was one of the coolest cars ever created on the show, with a gorgeous purple paint job, butterfly doors, a massive sound system in the rear, and a fully stocked cotton candy machine in the trunk.

A Chevy Cavalier Transformation

Before you see the inside, the Chevy Cavalier was transformed from a run-down car to one that turns heads everywhere it goes. The team painted this car sparkly orange, fitted it with sporty body panels, and made this car into a machine that’s great for some fun. On the inside, you see VR gaming chairs, a scrapbooking station, and a gumball machine. This is a car that’s ideal for parties and road trips, and it’s a car that turns heads and gains attention wherever it goes.

Ford Ranger From Rags to Riches

The Pimp My Ride team made one of the coolest cars by taking a beat-up Ford Ranger and turning it completely around. This truck received a fully stocked entertainment lounge and some impressive exterior upgrades that made it look amazing. The team installed a full-size ping-pong table in the bed to make this truck the life of the party at every tailgate. This was easily a truck that went from a destiny of years in the junkyard to one that was cool and fun with all the trimmings.

Duct Tape And Wires In a Mitsubishi Eclipse Upgrade

When a car comes to the shop with duct tape holding it together and wires sticking out rom under the steering wheel, the team has to get to work to get things done. This Mitsubishi Eclipse received a whole new body, an amazing paint job, and a brand-new interior. The special items for this car include drink dispensers in the armrest and several gaming systems for the owner and his friends to play together in this car.

A Classic Sunbird Receives the Right Disposition

In addition to a bright yellow paint job, the Pimp My Ride team transformed a 1980s Pontiac Sunbird into one of the coolest cars ever made. This car takes on the cheery yellow color and a custom Tiki design on the hood, making it a car that could pass for a mythical sunbird. The car has a large monitor, high-powered binoculars, and a snow cone maker to enjoy some tasty treats on the road. This amazing car drove away on a fantastic set of Pirelli tires.

1973 Volkswagen Thing

The Volkswagen Thing is a vehicle that makes for an interesting foundation for building a customized and amazing vehicle. The team changed the Thing into a swamp monster with incredible green paint and snakeskin tear graphics. This amazing machine turns heads wherever it goes and continues the wild theme inside with seats covered in snake and crocodile skin. There’s an actual snake terrarium built into the back of the VW Thing, which makes perfect sense. Four high-tech tablet PCs were also included in each door to bring tech to the jungle in this ride.

Pimp My Ride was one of the most popular car customization shows ever created. The team made some of the coolest cars out of vehicles that had a lot wrong with them, giving owners some over-the-top transformations.

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