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Lexus Is The First Place of Autonomy for Toyota
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Lexus Is The First Place of Autonomy for Toyota

  It shouldn’t come as any surprise to you that Toyota will choose to put autonomous technology in the Lexus brand before it trickles down to the vehicles that wear the Toyota badge like the Camry or Corolla. This follows along the same lines of other brands we’ve seen, but, for the most part, only from brands that don’t have a mainstream arm to go along with the luxury models offered. Adding autonomy at higher levels makes more sense because the higher price and expectation of the Lexus brand makes it the right place to start and build on what we’ll see in the future. (more…)

This Car Has Earned its Stripes

If heading to Nurburgring and turning out quick laps or a mastery of the track resulted in the awarding of rank insignia, the Lexus RC F would have earned many stripes and outrank most of the market. This new sports model form the Toyota luxury brand is ready to take on the challenges of the road and the track to give you the ride you want and the equipment you’ve been after for the excitement of driving. To get you started on the exciting part of this car, you will have the pleasure of a naturally aspirated 5.0-liter V8 engine that pumps out 467 horsepower at your fingertips when this is the car you want. (more…)
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The Battle at the Top

When it comes to the flagship vehicles of different manufacturers the expectation is that you have a vehicle which gives you every feature and benefit the manufacturer can think of and add. This is certainly what you get when you look at the Lexus LS and the BMW 7-Series, but which one of these two flagship sedans is the one you want to drive the most? Are you more enticed by the Japanese style and modern features of the Lexus or are you more apt to lean toward the longstanding performance and perfection of the German engineering contained in the BMW model? Let’s look at them both. (more…)
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Partnership is a Possibility

When we see car companies team up the results often can be simply amazing.  When it comes to two of the most lauded names in the business that have developed technologies and systems that are being recognized as the perfect blend of elements the car should be out of this world.  Currently the talks are that two of our favorite names will pair up to design and offers a car that will be the best of both worlds in a way that will generate excitement and possibly give us the next supercar for us to love and admire. (more…)
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2015 Lexus NX: Dynamic Design and Excellent Ride Quality Meet

For 2015, Lexus offers a brand new model in the form of the NX. The NX is a very angular and attractive sub-compact SUV for all to marvel at and enjoy. With the signature Lexus hourglass shaped grill adorning the front, the angles and sights of this vehicle are almost uncanny. Designed to compete with the Audi Q3, BMW X1 and Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class, the NX shows off as a great SUV that can be powered by either a turbocharged or hybrid engine and gives owners a very enjoyable price for a luxury classed vehicle. Smaller than the RX, but still a roomy vehicle, the NX comprises a great selection of eye-catching appeal, sophisticated styling, high tech equipment and a lot of fun while driving. Add the fact Lexus has been a leader for many years when it comes to reliability and resale val...
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Lexus Hopes to have a Luxury FCEV by 2017

The fuel cell vehicle industry is barely getting going and Toyota is already hoping to expand into their luxury brand, Lexus. Their goal: to do for the FCEV industry what they did with the hybrid industry with the Prius. The word "Prius" is synonymous with the word "hybrid," which is what they're hoping to happen with the Mirai. If they are able to take the same technology and put it into play with the Lexus LS, they will be trying to beat Mercedes and other luxury lines to the punch in this segment. It's untested and has infrastructure problems with only 11 charging stations in all of California. That can be scaled quickly, but they'll need to create a need first. It might be the chicken and the egg dilemma. (more…)
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