Thursday, September 21


The Teaser Revealed
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The Teaser Revealed

About a month ago Nissan teased us with a shadowed view of a concept photo of what was expected to be a compact crossover SUV that would be revealed at the Frankfurt Auto Show.  While the photo did spurn a great deal of speculation about what the vehicle would be the real thing from a design standpoint is certainly more than could be expected.  This new concept that has been revealed is the Nissan Gripz Concept which is expected to eventually become a production model put Nissan well in the lead for sporty, mainstream, compact crossovers. (more…)
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Hatchbacks that Go Farther

If the price of a gallon of gasoline ever made it back down to the price it was in the 1970s or even the early ‘80s we might never worry about fuel mileage again, but because that price continues to be as much or more than a gallon of milk, one of the most common questions dealers get for vehicles is “What is the gas mileage?”  Gas mileage is measures under ideal driving and vehicle conditions; which mean you need to maintain your new car, truck, or SUV properly and drive at least somewhat conservatively in order to benefit from decent gas mileage. (more…)
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How Much Bang Can You Get for the Buck? (Pt 1)

When we buy vehicles, those of us who are car enthusiasts want to know how much horsepower can be had for the money we spend. This is the statistic that we are looking for and want answered even before the performance numbers are discussed. Most of us are also on some form of a budget for our car purchases and give us the ability to buy the most car we can get for the money. Here is what you can buy in a variety of horsepower categories along with the prices you should expect to pay. (more…)
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