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Minivan Driving Excellence in the Chrysler Pacifica

There are many reasons to choose a minivan when you have a family. While there are fewer models in this class than before, you can still enjoy the versatility, safety, affordability, and quality of a great minivan when you choose the Chrysler Pacifica. This van is one that brings you the advanced features you often don’t expect to have when you get behind the wheel. You’ll be pleased to have the comfort, roominess, and easy access to the features and items that will make you smile when you take your family for a drive. (more…)
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Big Money and Big Moves for FCA

For the past few years, FCA has been the automotive group that we’ve looked at as missing out on the profits and the success that have been enjoyed by some of the other automakers in the industry. As a direct competitor in the US with Ford and GM, FCA is looked at as the third of the Detroit Big Three to make it one that has to be able to compete. When you look at what FCA offers for the driving experience, you might think they are having troubles financially, and that was true until the past couple of years. (more…)
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Worst Automakers of 2016

While we put a concerted effort to creating lists of great accomplishments in the automotive world there are some instances when looking at those who prowl the bottom of the industry are worth the time and effort. Using information from Consumer Reports, automakers are judged based upon the lineup by ranking road test scores, predicted reliability, safety and owner satisfaction scores. With this information an educated ranking of the worst automakers can be accomplished, showing you what automakers have work to do to make it out of the basement and become one of the leaders in the industry, which some of these names have been in the past. (more…)
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Where is Dodge Headed?

To know the answer to this particular question it might be better if we explore where Dodge has been and then discuss where it is headed. For 100 years Dodge has been a brand of confusion about most things except the ideal they want to push hard to be the leader in whatever they are doing, but that is where the confusion comes in. Dodge has given us strong and powerful muscle cars, has had cars that were designed specifically for women, offered awesome pickup trucks, branded some of the best family haulers around and even remade some Japanese compacts in the name of offering the vehicles that America wants and is trying to have in their driveway. Unfortunately because of this muddled history, Dodge has been more of a chic brand for many years and other than the Ram Trucks (now a sep...
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