Thursday, July 25

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What Makes the Honda Accord the Right Car to Drive?

The Honda Accord has been on the market for several decades and has been one of the vehicles we’ve enjoyed driving on the roads. When you step inside the new 2018 Accord you’re going to see an all-new interior that is roomier and more sophisticated than the model that it replaces. In the front and center of the dashboard, you’ll see an available eight-inch infotainment system that offers you a large display and tons of colors. The rear seat is cavernous and offers plenty of legroom while being able to be equipped with seat heaters to give you a more comfortable place to enjoy the ride. (more…)
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The Malibu let the Accord in and the Rest is History

The mid 1970s was a time of transition for the American automobile market. For years the cars built by our domestic brands were large and imposing, giving us vehicles that offered massive size and weight but did very little to adhere to the new emissions and fuel regulations. In fact, one exercise in the failure of the domestic brands to change and adapt was found in the fact that Honda was able to transform a Chevrolet Impala and make it pass the new emissions standards that GM claimed were impossible to meet. (more…)
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