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One Way You can Get to Drive a Rolls-Royce

Rolls Royce Chauffeur

The Rolls-Royce and the Spirit of Ecstasy ornament have been the figure of high class luxury for many years.  Only the very few ultra-rich can afford to buy and drive a Rolls-Royce model and be driven around in these high class automobiles that are made to be fantastic to drive and ride in.  As the perfect luxury brand with every model being finely tuned and ready to go most of us will never be able to drive one of these beauties, let alone ride around in one in such a way as to get more than a glimpse from time to time.

One way you can actually have the opportunity to drive one of these beauties on a regular basis is to become a Rolls-Royce chauffeur for the Wynn Las Vegas resort.  Recently this resort offered a program to show what being a chauffeur for the hotel is all about and what the passengers who utilize these cars for their transportation expect.  The fleet of cars that are kept for the hotel include a dozen Rolls-Royce Phantom models that are great for the ride, but the duties and activities involved in being a chauffeur might be different than you expect.

With a car like this that offers a quick acceleration, great stopping power; easy to enjoy turning its surprising to learn how little of this will be used.  The engine under the hood is a 6.7-liter V12 that offers up 453 horsepower, but if you are acting as a chauffeur you won’t be able to use this power at all.  When learning how to properly transport a high level dignitary or VIP passenger you will learn to stop slowly and accelerate even slower along with making wide turns on any road.

Of course all of this gentleness in the drive is meant to keep your passengers from barely feeling the ride at all.  There is the chance they will be in the back sipping on champagne or entertaining a guest which means they won’t want the centrifugal force to send them careening from one side to the other in the back of the car.  As the driver you also will need to attend to your guest and their needs upon arrival such as opening doors and helping them out of the car.  One of the most important rules to remember for this is the fact you never walk in front of the car as it’s a sign of disrespect for the Spirit of Ecstasy emblem on the hood of the car.

Sure you can drive a Rolls-Royce and not be ultra-rich, but this means you are driving guests around in a vehicle that is made for style and precision.  Whether you get the opportunity to try out at the Wynn Las Vegas resort or you have to be a personal driver for a high level client you will learn how to drive this car in a way that will give your passengers the comfort they want and the feeling they desire from the rear of some of the most beautiful automobiles on the planet.

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