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Super Luxury from Bugatti in Every Way

Super Luxury from Bugatti in Every Way

We already admire the Bugatti brand for the amazing supercars they build that are some of the fastest we’ve ever seen on the road. With the previous Veyron and the current Chiron on the market, the team at Bugatti just might be getting bored with making the greatest cars on the planet, or they may simply want to offer us something more to go with these amazing cars. What’s the one thing that a customer that chooses one of these top cars would want to enjoy along with the privilege of driving these cars? Let’s answer that question.

A Super-Luxury Drink to go with the Car

If the Bugatti Chiron is the champagne of the automotive world, then it’s only missing one thing; the champagne. Recently, the Bugatti brand has begun a partnership with Champagne Carbon to combine together to create a special bottle of Bugatti bubbly for owners that choose this amazing supercar. Both companies are local to the Grand East region of France, which makes this a strong and regional partnership that can offer owners of this impressive car a bottle of special champagne to enjoy when they get home.

The Specifications of the Drink

The champagne that’s been created is called Bugatti 01 and it’s a blend of ninety percent Chardonnay and ten percent Pinot Noir grapes. The vintage comes from 2002, which was when the Bugatti brand was still working hard to figure out how to show off the Veyron and what it means for the market. Of course, the fact that 2002 was an exceptional year for grapes is a factor in choosing this vintage as well. This new drink makes for a fantastic mix and something that makes perfect sense for an owner of one or more of the Bugatti supercars.

The Right Choice for Bugatti

While it might seem odd for a car brand to partner with a champagne brand, it’s certainly the French thing to do. Champagne Carbon has been around for a while and it rose to prominence last year by supplying the sparkling Formula 1 bottles to the races. The bottles from this brand are coated in a layer of rear carbon fiber even though the bottles are still glass and carry the standard shape to make sure the drink is able to meet the regulations regarding what is and what isn’t champagne.

A Synergistic Marriage

These two brands can certainly complement each other with the shared values and desire to occupy a high-class space that’s perfect for the experience. These two brands want us to know that they do pair well with each other and allow collectors to have a Bugatti item in their wine cellar for the right time to drink it. Even though the two are partnered together, both Bugatti and Champagne Carbon want to remind us all that we should certainly never decide to drink and drive at the same time. Take a drive in the Bugatti Chiron and then have a glass of Bugatti 01, that’s perfectly fine as a wonderful afternoon if you have the means.

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