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A4 and A5 – More Fun and Form from Audi

A4 and A5 - More Fun and Form from Audi

When you take a look at the Audi A4 and A5 together, you might think the two are similar; and they are which makes them both fun to drive.

The Audi A5 takes everything we love about the A4 and adds more flair to the mix. You can enjoy the drive in an A5 that happens to be a Coupe model with only two doors, an open-air Cabriolet convertible, or the fun but functional Sportback which is technically a hatchback version of the A5. Of course, you can also look to the sporty S5 model and have a car that brings you more power, more performance, and the fun you desire when you see an open area of the road ahead of you.

An Audi for Everyone

No matter where you are in life or the type of car you want to drive, the Audi A5 has an offering that will fit your needs. Whether you choose the family sedan or Sportback to be functional and practical, or you want to have a bit more fun with the coupe, Cabriolet, or S5, you’re going to love everything the A5 has to offer. This is a car that’s easy to enjoy and bring home to be the car you admire during your daily commute.

The Upgrades for the Audi A5

Every year, more stuff is added to the vehicles that we find at dealerships. The Audi A5 is no different. For this new model year, this car has more trims, more features, and more wheel options to make it easier for you to have the drive you want. There’s now a Black Optic Plus package for the Coupe and Sportback models. You’ll also see a Convenience Package that brings you side assist and pre-sense technology in the rear.

Audi Adds the Signature Feature

There’s something almost futuristic about a vehicle that has the readings you want for the different gauges in a digital form. It’s even better when you can choose the gauges you want to see and be able to read. The Audi Virtual Cockpit is offered on the Audi A5 to give you a 12.3 TFT display. You’ll see information from Google Earth, a 3Dnavigation screen, and much more. This is an option you want to have added to the A5 model that you drive so that you can experience the future of driving that’s only found in an Audi right now.

Find the Right A5 Today

Because there are so many different choices for the Audi A5 and S5 models, you’ll have to spend some time at your nearby Audi dealership in order to figure out which one is right for you. Stop by, take a test drive, and learn more about what this impressive midsize Audi has to offer you. You’ll be blown away by the comfort and amazed at the performance included in this luxury model that brings you the drive and the experience you desire. Which Audi A5 are you going to take home with you today?

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