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Are Cars Cheaper In the New England States?

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Finding used car dealers with the lowest prices is no easy task. It used to be that shoppers would simply explore the auto dealerships in their areas, but now people are exploring used car dealers across state lines.

Buying a vehicle from out of state used to feel somewhat risky. That’s because the technology to do so safely wasn’t fully formed. Today, shoppers can search for a great car deal anywhere they’re willing to go. That means a great deal is out there, just waiting for you to come to find it.

Why Buy A Car Out of State?

A recent study showed that New Hampshire car dealers are actually the cheapest places to find quality used cars. That’s because getting a great deal on a used car is about more than just searching used car dealers’ sticker prices. New Hampshire used car dealers don’t have to deal with sales tax. The only fee in this realm is an initial $25 fee at the time of purchase.

Other states like North Carolina have lower sales tax rates than other areas of the country. In N.C., you can expect to only pay 3%, which is less than half of some other states. Of course, places like Alaska, Montana, Delaware, and Oregon join New Hampshire used car dealers by not collecting sales tax on automobile sales as well.

On top of simply saving money, expanding your search out of state means you’ll have more options. When there are more options, it’s easy to make comparisons between various makes, models, and prices.

How Do I Buy A Car Out of State?

Now that you know that there are other states that offer more favorable buying conditions, you might be wondering how you can take part in this action. Luckily, there are plenty of online sites and companies that help you locate and purchase used vehicles like Cars.com, Autotrader, Edmunds, and more.

The biggest challenge, of course, is that you aren’t in the state to give the vehicle a close look to ensure it’s what you want. To help, make sure you can look at the vehicle’s history report. Most used car dealers offer Car Faxes for their inventory, but you can also purchase your own.

You can also contact a local, disinterested mechanic to give the vehicle a look in your absence. This may cost a little more than a standard checkup, but it’s worth the extra cash to help make a good decision. You can also travel out to see the car and have it inspected yourself.

Everything else, financing, negotiating price, adding extras, etc., can be completed over the phone or online. It’s not much different than buying a vehicle from the car lot down the street.

Once you buy the car and get it back home, whether you drive it home or have a company transport it for you, there are still a few steps left. You may have to pay sales tax in your home state when you register the vehicle. Your state may also have requirements for inspections, emissions, safety, or other tests the car must pass. Check with a local dealer or other professional to understand the rules in your area.

Once you get the car registered in your state, the ordeal is over, and you can hit the road to enjoy a trek in your new ride. While this process may seem a little complicated, the extra steps may be well worth the thousands of dollars you save on your next used car.

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