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3 Used SUVs to Buy for Off-Roading Adventures

3 Used SUVs to Buy for Off-Roading Adventures

Going off-road with your vehicle is a great way to have some fun and connect with the outdoors, but not all off-road vehicles are made equal.

SUVs are generally considered the best of both worlds for those who don’t need the utility of a truck bed. Let’s take a look at three popular SUVs to buy used for off-road fun.

Toyota 4Runner

The Toyota 4Runner is a popular model at used car dealerships. This SUV has a strong following among those who like to go off-road or take part in overlanding adventures. Aside from the Jeep Wrangler, this Toyota SUV just might be the most popular off-road SUV on the market. It also features strong aftermarket support for those who like to mod their vehicles.

Let’s talk about how capable the 4Runner is off-road. It comes with up to 9.6 inches of ground clearance, sturdy skid plates, and a two-speed transfer case. Just about any 4Runner model you choose is capable off-road, but if you really want something suited for off-road adventures, you can’t get much better than the TRD Pro trim.

The top off-road trim of the Toyota 4Runner adds several upgrades like a locking rear differential, off-road shocks, an even sturdier skid plate, and a low-speed crawl control mode.

Ford Bronco

Ford reintroduced the classic Bronco nameplate for 2021, so unless you’re looking for one of the oldest models, you’ll be looking at an SUV that’s only a few years old. The new Bronco generation has a lot to offer outdoor enthusiasts with advanced off-roading systems, a removable top and doors, and multiple models to choose from.

The Ford Bronco comes in four-door and two-door layouts, and the Ford Bronco Sport is also available for those who want something more like a crossover, but it’s still plenty capable off the pavement. For later model years, Ford introduced the Raptor version of the Bronco, which is great for fast desert driving. Another special model is the Everglades, geared toward swampy terrain.

A notable feature of the Ford Bronco is its GOAT driving mode system. The acronym stands for “Goes Over Any Terrain” and features multiple driving modes to tackle various road and off-road situations.

Subaru Outback

More like a car than the other two SUVs on this list, the Subaru Outback is a favored vehicle for hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts. It’s not quite as rugged as the Ford Bronco or the Toyota 4Runner, but that also means it’s more civilized on the pavement. It comes with standard AWD and two rows of seating.

One of the top features of the Subaru Outback is its durable interior. The various trims have quality materials, but they’re also made with rugged durability in mind. If a truck-based SUV is not your thing, but you still want something that’s capable of getting further up the trail, then the Subaru Outback might be the utility vehicle for you.

Of course, there are many other choices for used off-road SUVs, including the Jeep Wrangler, Toyota Land Cruiser, and Land Rover Defender, but we think these three offer a solid combination of utility and value at used car dealerships.

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