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The Toyota Camry XSE has a Lot to Offer
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The Toyota Camry XSE has a Lot to Offer

The best-selling mid-sized sedan in the world has gotten better and better over the years and now has trim levels that reach nearly to the level of a luxury sedan.  The model that get up to this realm is the XSE version with the V6 engine which can start around $34,475 which seems like a steep price for a Camry, but sales figures have shown that we love this model nearly as much as the SE trim.  This higher trim is the one that shows up with a great menu of features and shows that we want a sporty sedan, not just one that will carry us on the commute. (more…)
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Prices Revealed for the Special Edition Toyota Models

Toyota has announced the two Special Edition models will have extremely affordable pricing for both vehicles.  The Camry will show up with a price of $26,550 and the Corolla will cost $21,470.  These prices allow us to enjoy the benefits of higher end features with better performance parts that allow these two to be limited run vehicles that are both affordable and will certainly be highly sought after in the States.  Whether it’s a great marketing ploy or really a much better version of what is already being offered it’s hard to tell, but the reality is, we are taking notice, especially when the pricing is so reasonable. (more…)
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How Much Bang Can You Get for the Buck? (Pt 1)

When we buy vehicles, those of us who are car enthusiasts want to know how much horsepower can be had for the money we spend. This is the statistic that we are looking for and want answered even before the performance numbers are discussed. Most of us are also on some form of a budget for our car purchases and give us the ability to buy the most car we can get for the money. Here is what you can buy in a variety of horsepower categories along with the prices you should expect to pay. (more…)
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The Complacent Era is Over

For a full decade the midsized truck segment had only a few offerings which came with little competition. With no entries from both Ford and GM, many of the automakers that still had players in this category left them to give similar features and style year over year with no changes as they sucked up the segment and brought it down from the heights it once was. The end of this era is finally over with the release of the two midsized truck offerings from GM, the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon. Having these two show up in the style and capability they offer has sent many of the other truck building teams back to the concept room to come up with a new look and feel for their midsized trucks to be competitive. (more…)
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From the Camry to the Camaro

When you want to talk about car guys, most NASCAR racers are genuine car guys at heart and love to be wrench turning garage jockeys whenever they can. Such is the case for Kyle Busch who spends several weekends each year in his Toyota Camry Sprint Series Cup car trying to ward off the other forty-two competitors and find his way to the front of the pack. The toll on his Cup car makes it impossible to use as a daily driver, not to mention the fact the Camry is not made for the street. (more…)
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Toyota Celebrity Race Hits Long Beach

Toyota is known in the racing scene. Toyota racing has been around for decades and hosts numerous races throughout the world. The Toyota Celebrity Race is one of those races. Yes, they get celebrities to sign up and drive around the track. This race is a charity race that supports children’s hospitals throughout the United States. So who participated at the 2015 Toyota Celebrity Race? A quite extensive list it turns out. Female contenders in the race include Donna Feldman, who is an international model and television spokeswoman, former Deal or No Deal girl, starred in music videos for Justin Timberlake and Enrique Iglesias, and most recently is a panelist for Fox News. Joining her is Tricia Helfer who is a model turned actress. She starred in Killer Women, The Firm, and Burn Notice...
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How Not to Drive a Prius in Hollywood… or anywhere else

Whether it was road rage, a simple mistake, or stupidity, this Prius driver in Hollywood backed up into and then over the car behind her. Nobody was hurt but they the driver and passenger in the other car were reportedly shaken up by the ordeal. According to ABC7: (more…)
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It’s Easy to Enjoy the 2015 Toyota Highlander

As one of the most highly touted SUVs on the market, the Toyota Highlander has set the standard for the crossover SUV class for several years and is starting to offers owners so many great features that it might be able to be considered a luxury model. Competing with the Honda Pilot, Nissan Pathfinder and Ford Explorer, the Highlander makes quick work of all three, but continues to add a great deal of enjoyable features such as a pass-through cable organizer, seating for up to eight, and an Easy Speak feature to amplify the voice of the driver for the rear seat passengers to hear. With no upgrades or updates for the 2015 model year, Toyota has chosen to leave a good thing alone, and the Highlander is certainly a good thing. The Highlander offers a driving experience that is comforta...
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