Sunday, June 23


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New Mazda Cars Will Stop if Driver Suffers Health Problem

One of the most exciting elements of technological innovation you’ll see at your local Mazda dealer is the constantly improving safety features available on new Mazda vehicles. We’re already getting used to cars that can self-park, remind drivers to check their backseats, and automatically apply the brakes to avoid a collision. The future will continue this trend of safety transformation with the inclusion of tech that can actually tell if a driver has a health problem like a heart attack or stroke. (more…)
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Toyota is Studying A Way for Cars to Talk to Pedestrians

People are certainly creatures of habit. We see a stop sign and we stop, we see a sign that tells us where to cross the street and we feel it’s safe to do so. We have specific, mostly predictable behaviors when we interact with traffic, our own vehicles, and pedestrians. As we move toward a world of automation, the need to ensure comfort with that automation is paramount. Toyota is working on cars that can autonomously operate in a polite and courteous manner to make sure pedestrians can feel safe around them. (more…)
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Facebook Retargeting Ads for Dealers

Turn Views into Sales Facebook retargeting ads are a great advertising tool for dealers to capture potential customers who are already interested in one of your cars or just casually browsing your inventory. It’s important that your dealer stays in your customers’ minds, so when they’re ready to buy a car, they’re buying it from you and not another dealer. The nice thing about retargeting ads is they’re shown to potential customers who have already visited your site and are clearly curious or interested to learn more. (more…)
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