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Top 5 Small SUVs for that New Driver in the Family

If you’ve got a new driver in your family, it’s understandably nerve-racking to send them off on their own in a vehicle. Luckily, there are some vehicles that are better equipped to ease that transition into adulthood than others. While there are plenty of great cars you can choose from for your new drivers, don’t discount all the great compact-sized SUVs available as well. From New Honda CR-Vs to Used Ford Escape models, we’ll help you explore the best SUV models to take care of your most precious cargo. (more…)
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Ford Ranks as Environmental Performance Leader

Caring for the Earth is critical. Each generation needs to do their part to ensure what we’re leaving to the future is safe and whole. That’s why Ford takes our global sustainability initiative seriously. Our mission is bigger than building the best cars on the road. Our mission is to build an eco-conscious company that is moving towards carbon neutrality. (more…)

What’s New For Ford in 2022?

2022 looks like it will be an exciting year for every Ford dealer across the country. From some new models finally hitting the road to some unexpected upgrades and announcements across the board. Whether you’re looking to make a purchase from your local Ford dealer, or you just like staying up to date with the automotive industry, here are some things to look for in 2022. (more…)
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