Tuesday, April 23

Ford Ranks as Environmental Performance Leader

Caring for the Earth is critical. Each generation needs to do their part to ensure what we’re leaving to the future is safe and whole. That’s why Ford takes our global sustainability initiative seriously. Our mission is bigger than building the best cars on the road. Our mission is to build an eco-conscious company that is moving towards carbon neutrality.

Leading the Industry

Ford is proud to be one of the most important aspects of the history of automobiles. When Henry Ford released the infamous Model T, the world changed.

But Ford isn’t stopping at being the face of the past. We are leading the automobile industry into the future. Just Capital released its list of industry leaders for environmental performance in 2022. For the Automobiles & Parts Industry, Ford took top honors.

Ford is one of only two auto companies to have a verified 1.5℃ Science Based Target. That means we are committed to halting the average rise in global temperatures. Ford is doing this by having 10% of our total electricity use come from renewable energy. This number is the highest in the industry.

The Vehicle of the Future

Ford is also dedicated to building the vehicles of the future. Through the year 2022, Ford is investing over $11.5 billion in electric vehicles like the Ford Escape Plug-In Hybrid. This smart, versatile, and eco-friendly car is what every modern family needs. Not only will it meet your daily needs, but it will take care of the planet while you drive.

Beyond 2022, Ford is investing $50 billion in electric vehicles by 2026. Ford is also introducing zero-emissions versions of our most popular automobiles, including the Mustang Mach-E, a fully electric F-150, and a Transit Commercial EV. Whatever your vehicle needs, we have an eco-friendly version.

Goal of Carbon Neutrality

Ford has set the lofty but important goal of being carbon neutral by the year 2050. We are actively working towards eliminating our carbon footprint by adjusting our processes, updating our factories, and putting more and more electric vehicles on the road.

We understand that it takes all of us to work together to make a real impact on this world. That is why Ford is investing in renewable energy. We are pushing the boundaries when it comes to innovation and technology. Ford is leading the way into the future.

Finally, Ford is committed to reducing waste. As of 2022, we recycle 90% of the waste our company generates. Ford is doing our part to clean up this planet and keep it clean.

At Ford, we care about our customers. That means we want to help build and maintain a world for not just people buying our cars today, but for the generations that follow. It takes a village, and Ford is proud to be an integral part of that village. We are committed to green initiatives that protect our planet.

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