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2018 Mercedes-AMG C-Class: Sinister Performance

The stories have been told for many years about characters that have alter-egos. Whether those alter-egos are devilish and evil such as the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde combination or the likes of Peter Parker becoming Spiderman, we’ve become familiar with how these characters can transform to be what they can be deep inside. Mercedes-Benz has turned to their own alter-ego with the AMG performance team to help offer us a full lineup of models that are built to perform the way we want to on the road. The C-Class shows up with a variety of AMG versions including the C 43, C 63, and the C 63 S in order to have the drive you want in a small sedan. (more…)

An Automotive Woodstock that Happens Every Year

Those who are familiar with what Woodstock was or that attended this historic music festival most likely have some wonderful memories of the event and what took place. This long music explosion that played to massive crowds in Woodstock, NY was one of the largest gatherings of musicians and fans in recorded history. While many younger readers might not understand this reference, and I might be dating myself a bit, you can understand the idea of a place that offers what feels like a large party to celebrate music and fun that can take several days. (more…)
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Who Knows Fuel Cells Better?

Whenever we have new technology on the market in the automotive world we are quick to find many who try to mimic this tech and build something that is better or more advanced.  This has been the case throughout history, not only in the automotive industry, but across all industry.  Currently the Tesla models show us a version of the fuel cell that we have not come across before.  Not only did they perfect the actual fuel cell to such a point of dispelling any need for a gasoline backup (which really could be useful) but they used the fuel cell to balance out the weight of the vehicles by using the whole floorboard for the system. (more…)
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