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07.04.16 - Manual Transmission

Over the past several years we have seen something start to happen that is a huge part of the future of the automotive industry. We are witnessing a transition away from the manual transmission. This is due to the dynamics of the automatics that are being made and the way they can provide smoother shifting at the right times along with the efficiency we want when it comes to the miles per gallon we would like to receive. Even sports cars are steering away from the manual transmissions, which brings us to several models that we wish still came with a manual transmission, but don’t.

Acura NSX – As a great looking luxury sports car the only thing missing from the formula for this car is the ability to row your own gears. The NSX is smooth and sleek with excellent acceleration and a desire to perform, but you have to admire the automatics offered because you can’t have a manual anymore.

Audi TT RS – Small, fast, athletic and dynamic this could be a great car to have with a manual, but Audi has taken it away. We do enjoy the 400 horsepower that comes from the 2.5-liter turbocharged five-cylinder engine and the gorgeous style that makes this car a lot of fun to look at, but something feels like its missing.

Audi R8 – Maybe when you reach this level of cost and perfection you don’t want to shift your own gears, but many of us still do. This beautiful car that is powered by one of the most intense engines on the market is truly something special and with the automation offered it’s really not surprising there’s no manual for you to enjoy.

BMW M5/M6 – This is a pair of athletic and fun cars to drive with one being the sedan you can truly impress your family in and the other being the coupe that is made to lead the way. BMW has created the transmissions to match the drive and give you the power you want when and where you need it, just no longer through a manual transmission.

Cadillac CTS-V – The sportiest form of the Cadillac that uses the Corvette sourced 6.2-liter supercharged V8 engine giving you 640 horsepower and 630 lb.-ft. of torque does so with an automatic. One drive and you might not miss the manual at all, but some of us still want to be able to choose our gears in and out of the curves on the track.

Ferrari –One thing you used to expect on an exotic car was a manual transmission and many owners would have to learn to drive these awesome sports machines. Now, Ferrari makes it much easier for all owners to keep from grinding the gears and looking silly from behind the wheel by offering only automatic transmissions for the cars they produce.

Lamborghini – While Lamborghini doesn’t offer us as many models as Ferrari, they have always offered a manual, at least until the Huracan replaced the Gallardo. This was due to a nearly zero percent order rate to even have a manual transmission aboard and even when they would get an order for one they would have to check and verify to ensure that was truly what the customer wanted.

Mercedes-Benz SLC – As a great looking luxury roadster from the three point star emblem the SLC offered a manual when it was called the SLK. Now that it lines up more as the SLC it has done away with the manual transmission which is difficult to find on any Mercedes-Benz model. This car is still a lot of fun to drive and loos amazing, but you have to rely on the car for the right gearing instead of yourself.

Porsche 911 GT3 – This car took a lot of criticism for not offering a manual when it was introduced in 2013 and caused the company to create the 911 R which is similar but offered with a manual. This is actually one model that will be offered with a manual transmission when the next model generation comes to be because of the uproar not having one has caused.

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