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The Car You Want to Know About

11.04.16 - Bugatti Chiron

Even though a vast majority of those of you who read this article will never get the opportunity to drive this car, we all want to know more about it. The car in question is the new Bugatti Chiron which is the successor to the Veyron and a fitting way for Bugatti to continue to be a leader in the world of speed, elegance and pure sport luxury in a car that’s tops the chart at more money than most of us will ever make in a lifetime. The Chiron will show up with a massive 8.0-liter W16 quad turbocharged 1,500 horsepower engine that certainly grabs your attention, but there’s much more to this car than just power.

Quad TurboThe one thing the Bugatti team didn’t want is turbo lag. With four turbos that are 69 percent larger than what was on the Veyron that could be hard to escape. Thankfully they figured it out and the car will have two fire at 1,900 rpm while the other two chime in at 3,800 rpm to give you no perceptible lag and an impressive 1,180 lb.-ft. of torque.

Rear WingThis active aerodynamic feature of the car is able to be positioned in one of four main positions for the best performance. This wing is lighter and has lower drag levels than what the Veyron offered and is perfect for the Top Speed, Handling or Autobahn modes to make it useful and the perfect item for when this car makes an attempt at the speed record in 2018.

PacifistThe Chiron may not seem like a passive car, but most of the aerodynamics of this amazing machine are of the passive variety. This includes the air intake management system, the flat underbody and channels underneath to help direct the airflow and a rear diffuser and front splitter that add downforce to this car.

Stiff is PricyThe car is bathed in carbon fiber which adds a ton of stiffness while keeping the weight down, but also increase the price by an exponential amount. The monocoque is about three times a stiff as a typical steel built car and certainly much more expensive and lighter as well. This is a car that uses more carbon fiber than it would take to stretch to the moon, nine times as much actually.

Pure SpeedEven though other supercars on the market use hybrid technology to gain their speed, this is a Bugatti that still carries forth with pure power. The top speed allowed on this car is 261 mph which is limited by a control unit but some have said the car could reach as much as 285 mph, but Bugatti hasn’t tested that yet because it’s hard to find a place to make this speed safely.

Are You a Customer?The average customer for Bugatti has a collection so impressive you’d be shocked to find out what it is. These customers have on average, 42 cars, ten of which are Ferraris, all the McLaren models and then they add the Bugatti as the pinnacle of their supercar enjoyment. These customers also have on average 1.7 jets and 1.4 yachts each.

What’s not IncludedThe Chiron is a car that offers you everything you can think of, but Bugatti thought of a couple items that they wanted to have but just couldn’t. Regulations prevented them from having an invisible door handle and digital mirrors that were retractable. The Legislations of many countries simply prevented these items from being included.

Lighting the WayOf course you wouldn’t have average LED lights on a car like this. The “Eight-Eye” setup gives you four rectangular headlights on each side, which give the appearance of width when lit, even though this car is only slightly wider than the Veyron. The taillights are impressive as well as the longest LED light in the industry.

TestingEach Chiron is put through a series of tests before being delivered. Most of these cars will arrive to owners with nearly 300 miles logged from these tests. There are 30 “pre-series” cars that Bugatti has used for testing shows and have been in many locations and these cars have logged over 300,000 miles and used up 1,000 tires already.

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