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Ford Offers More Commercial Trucks for the Big Jobs

Even though the half-ton market of the pickup truck market is where you find the largest number of sales from Ford, but Ford has done a masterful job of capturing another area of the market as well, the commercial market. This brand is the one that has been building the bigger trucks that offer incredible power for the work that needs to get done. When you see a box truck or a dump truck on the job sites around the country, many times, the truck getting the work done is a Ford.

The Unique Range of Trucks

The different classes of vehicles offered by Ford range from class 1 through 7, including the Ford F-250 Super Duty, and offer everything from the small Transit Connect to the massive truck that requires a commercial driver’s license to be able to drive. This means that Ford makes it easy for you with the largest selection of commercial vehicles that you’ll find anywhere to make sure you can have the drive you need when you head to work to move the mountain or the office furniture to the new location. When you’re looking to get things done, Ford has what you need.

Ford Learned to Listen

The hassle of a commercial driver’s license is one that some trucks require, but Ford has done a masterful job of making sure that’s not the case with the F-650 medium-duty dump truck. This big truck has an eight-cubic –yard bed and a crew-cab body to bring a gross vehicle weight rating of fewer than 26,000 pounds. At this size, it means that a driver doesn’t have to possess a CDL in order to drive this truck. This means everyone could drive this truck that’s on your crew, just make sure they’re comfortable behind the wheel of a large truck.

Ford Saves You Money

When you choose this big medium-duty truck for the drive you’ll be able to choose either a Power Stroke diesel you can also choose a 6.8-liter V10. This truck has three valves for every cylinder head to offer you 320 horsepower and 460 lb.-ft. of torque. This engine can be fitted to operate on compressed natural gas or propane if you don’t want to have it use regular gasoline. Using a gas engine in this truck makes sense because the Power Stroke adds about $8,000 to the price tag and it comes with an emissions control system you have to service.

A Support System for the Commercial Drive

Not only will you find a wide variety of excellent commercial trucks and vans that can be the right ones for you to have the drive you’re looking for to have get work done, but you’ll also have more than 3,000 Ford stores across the country that can give you the support you need. There are 670 of these stores that are dedicated to commercial vehicles, which means you’ll have an easy time finding the service you need and taking care of the large Ford truck that you rely on for the work you need to get done every day.

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