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The Lexus LFA Could Be Revived as an Incredibly Quick EV

The Lexus LFA Could Be Revived as an Incredibly Quick EV

We haven’t seen the Lexus LFA for nearly a decade. Two short years after production began, it was gone never to be seen again.

Only 500 models of the LFA ever made it out of the factory and onto the roads. Lack of interest in this amazing halo supercar caused it to leave the market, but it could return soon.

The future of Lexus is Electric

Recent announcements made by leaders of Toyota and Lexus give us a glimpse into the future of both brands. Lexus will be a fully-electric automaker by 2035, phasing out all gasoline-powered models in the process. A display of several potential concept models showed us what the makeup of this new lineup. Among these electric vehicles, a potential supercar sat with an unimaginative name. This car called the BEV Sport concept might be the future LFA supercar. If the name we admired for a short time comes back as an electric car, will there be interest in what it brings to the market?

This is the question Lexus will have to answer while transitioning the entire luxury lineup away from gasoline models to a fully-electrified selection of vehicles.

The Focus; Performance

If you’re tired of listening to automakers talk about how they plan to save the planet years after they’ve done their damage, you’ll love that Lexus took a different approach. Instead of worrying about environmental conditions, they discussed improved handling, fast acceleration, amazing braking control, and top speeds. The BEV Sport concept got the adrenaline flowing for this brand, and it doesn’t seem like they want to give up that feeling. As long as they give this new electric supercar the correct name, we’re going to be pleased to see how quick, decisive, and energetic this new car will be.

Not Details, but Simple Hope for this Lexus

The hope for the new Lexus electric supercar is for a better name. Selling this car as the BEV Sport won’t invoke the same excitement or feeling when we hear Lexus LFA. We don’t know much about the performance numbers, but Lexus tells us they expect this car to reach sixty mph in the low two-second range and drive for 435 miles without needing a recharge. This extended distance comes courtesy of a solid-state battery pack, which makes this car the first of its kind in the market.

While We Wait for the BEV/LFA to Arrive…

Lexus intends to release the new electric supercar before 2030, at which time we will know the official name. Until that time, what can we discuss about Lexus performance? Why not take a step back in time and talk more about the original LFA supercar?

The Ferrari of Lexus

If Toyota and Ferrari got together and had a baby, it would be the Lexus LFA. This car only lived for a couple of years, but the mere mention of the name brings thoughts of incredible performance. The LFA came packed with a high-revving V10 engine capable of 552horsepower and a lightweight carbon fiber body. Everything about the LFA screamed exotic supercar, which was precisely the goal of the Lexus team.

Here are some things you’ll notice if you get behind the wheel of this amazing car.

Amazing Sound

Once the BEV Sports concept becomes a production car and wears the LFA name, it won’t make the glorious sounds that the original car produced. Thanks to the amazing naturally-aspirated 4.8-liter V10 engine, the original car sounds like an angry beast ready to rip your heart out. The sound is incredibly natural and could give you chills, especially if you live for the sounds a genuinely great engine can make.

Superb Grip

The original Lexus LFA carves up corners so fast you’ll forget you hit a curve at all. The tires stick to the ground, making short work of any track. If you’re looking for a car that can tear up the track and give you some of the fastest lap times, you’ll want to see what this Lexus can do. There’s a natural feeling to how the car leans into the corners while feeling stable and planted simultaneously.

The Lexus LFA is Quick

You expect a car that looks as good as this Lexus while using a strong V10 engine to be fast, and this car delivers on that expectation. The original 2010 version reached sixty mph in 3.8 seconds while finishing a quarter-mile spring in 11.8 seconds at 123.7 mph. That is lightning fast! These sprint times are one thing, but the LFA showed its chops and quickness out on the open road as well, giving owners a car that sought out deserted roads to highlight the talents of this amazing car.

Pure Muscular Power

We mentioned the naturally aspirated engine, but we didn’t mention all the power of this impressive car. The engine produces 552 horsepower and 354 lb.-ft. of torque to pus this incredible supercar as fast and as hard as you want to go. This power shoves you into the seat and this car doesn’t care. The six-speed auto-clutch manual transmission is sharp, precise, and perfect for the engine. This powertrain is a lethal combination of raw power and attitude that you’ll love whenever you get behind the wheel.

That Staggering Price Was a Problem

Certainly, the Lexus LFA called for the high price put on it, the number turned off most shoppers. This car cost buyers $375,000 and only 500 units were made during the two years of production. This limited run was intentional, but it didn’t make it easier for Lexus to justify the cost of bringing it back for a second generation.

Lexus is moving in a different direction these days. The massive V10 engine is not part of their future plans, but an electric supercar is. Will Lexus change the BEV Sports Concept name to LFA when the production model reaches the car show stages? We can only hope this logic will reach the decision-makers at Lexus. The new electric supercar offers exciting possibilities; we can’t wait to see what this car brings to the market.

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