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Feel the Fun of the Kia Soul

Does the Kia Soul look like a car that can be fun for you to drive? It’s not a sports car, it doesn’t have massive amounts of power, it’s not going to take you out on the trails for a drive in the wilderness. What it will do is offer you a fun and funky style, an easy drive that you can understand, and unique features that give this car the personality to match your own. Get behind the wheel of the Kia Soul you want to drive and enjoy on the road and let this impressive car give you the drive you desire. (more…)

Kia Offers Family and Eco-Friendly in the Niro

One of the newest members of the Kia lineup is the Niro. This little hatchback is offered as a hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicle that is not just a hatchback but appears to be a small SUV. No matter what it seems to be, this vehicle is offered for 2019 as the vehicle that can give you the fuel mileage and eco-friendliness you’re looking for. This impressive little model is expected to compete in a class of hybrid models that are beginning to grow and become the class in which we’re going to see more models compete. (more…)

A New Kia Forte5 Hatchback Could be on the Way

Our neighbors to the north are about to enjoy the benefits of driving a new Kia hatchback. The new 2020 Kia Forte5 has been introduced in Canada to offer both a sedan and hatchback body style to customers. The new hatchback model is made to provide a sporty look that allows this to be a performance-based model that’s small and active on the road. The Kia lineup has been one that’s been admired for many years and adding an updated of this car to the mix gives the brand an excellent selection of models for anyone to choose from. (more…)
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2018 Mazda3: Affordable Stylish Fun

There aren’t many cars on the market that can be considered stylish, fun and affordable all at the same time. The Mazda3 has been a car that fits this description and has for many years. This is a car that is playful and sophisticated at the same time while being fuel-efficiency and compact at the same time. Whether you need a car that is perfect as the first car you own or you want one that brings you the benefits offered in this model, you’ll be able to admire the price, the Kodo design language used and the quality driving you enjoy in the Mazda3. (more…)
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